Yearbook 2000

One year of images

I was born in 1941. My earliest memory goes back to age seven, and I remember the fascination with the fact that years were counted. At that time the year 2000, was beyond imagination.  Later when I envisioned the year 2000, it was so distant that it hardly mattered, and as a reality, beyond grasp. Now, when reality is at hand we do not all agree on the timing. Looking back, the time which has passed is like a flash. How swift was the passage of years.

During the year 2000, I made a picture every and filed it in my book of daily images.

The book is round and the leaves are tied together with wooden pins, each day passing a leaf in the book. I placed the images daily on the internet.

Árbók 2000

Færðu inn athugasemd

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